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Our Hunt Services / Prices / Options

Thank you for considering San Juan River Outfitters for your hunt. Below is a description of our services. Most of our hunts are staged from wall tent camps placed close to your hunt areas. We often will upgrade your booking to a lodge based camp in certain units. (While this is an upgrade we don't charge extra for the lodge service. This upgrade is solely at our discretion) We try hard to maintain the highest quality equipment and strive every year to improve the level of comfort and success we bring to your camps. I encourage you to compare our pricing and services to others available in NM. I think you will find our prices very competitive. Our services on the ground are unmatched.

We provide several levels of hunt service: "Scouting Only" , “Drop Camp”, "Outfitted Non-Guided“, "Outfitted Semi- Guided”, and “Outfitted Fully Guided”  We can almost always tailor a hunt package to your needs and budget.

I'll give you a general guideline for our hunt pricing below. All our hunts are based on a 5 day hunt period with an additional day included up front for check-in and orientation. (Essentially 6 days are included in all base rates) You can always extend your hunt by buying additional days. Additional day rates are quoted below as well. The rates below do not include your license. (These are fees set by the state and vary with species and hunt areas. See the chart below for a few typical license fees) The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish website has the 2021-22 Hunting Rules and Info for Upland and Big Game booklet available for download. This booklet has a very thorough presentation of all available New Mexico hunts and applicable license fees. I am always available to discuss a hunt with you so feel free to email me or call me at 575-621-6158. We can settle on a hunt for you, and get you started in the application process.

Choosing any of the following hunt options (except "Scouting Only") gives you one very important advantage. Your license application will be processed through the outfitter pool which greatly improves your odds of being drawn for a tag. You must, however, agree to use our services in any one of the capacities outlined below to apply in the outfitter pool.
Note: The deadline for application for elk and deer hunts is March 17, 2021, so it's best to get started now. Click Here for an immediate start to your hunt process.
(NM Gross Receipts tax 7% is applicable to all hunt purchases).

 "Outfitted Hunts" ...In all our "Outfitted" hunts, we provide your shelter, bedding, food, water, firewood, lighting, utensils, and all camp gear. Whichever option you choose, you will be hunting the same areas, staying in the same accommodations, eating the same food and enjoying the same camaraderie. All packages are based on a 5 day hunt period. The main variable is the level of guiding we provide. Our tents are heated with wood stoves. A camp shower and latrine facilities are provided. Most of my hunters will tell you they've never had better accommodations in any camp for any price.

Outfitted Non-guided ” ($2695 / hunter) This is my most popular hunt for experienced hunters on a budget. Hunters receive the full camp and trophy assistance services, maps, tips, and as much camp guidance as we can give, but you are self guided on your hunt.

Outfitted Semi-guided” ($3550 / hunter) Hunters receive 2 days of guiding to be scheduled anytime during their 5 day hunt period. Guides are assigned a maximum of 2 hunters for any given day. A team approach to an elk hunt is useful and 2 hunters can be staged very effectively to bring about a kill. This is a good way to get a couple of days of coaching prior to hunting on your own. This is also a very popular hunt with my experienced hunters.

Outfitted Fully Guided" ($4550 / hunter) Hunters receive 2 on 1 (max) guiding for the entire 5 days. This is our premium full service hunt and our professional guide staff can greatly enhance your chances of success. I am often told by my hunters it was their best hunt ever.

We have pack horses and mules available and we’ll accompany you to retrieve your kill. We have meat equipment available and will help you process your kill for freezing or for transport to your butcher. We'll help you with your cape and trophies and advise you on the best options for getting them home or to your taxidermist. Caping, packing and shipping services available for a small additional fee. (We do expect you to participate at all times in the cleaning and retrieval of your kill. We are there to help you, but not to take over responsibility for your meat and trophy.) 

In the cases of remote hunt areas or "spike camps" we provide saddle stock to get you into your camp.

In all our "Outfitted" hunt packages you are required only to bring your own personal clothing and hunting gear. Many of our hunters bring their own sleeping bag, but it’s not required if you’re traveling light. We provide clean warm bedding. Hunters who are driving in sometimes bring 4-wheelers which help in getting you around on the forest roads. Some hunters bring freezer or insulated boxes to transport their meat home.

Airport pick-up and drop-off is available for hunters wishing to fly in. There is a small charge each way for airport pickup and drop-off service which varies with group size and airport. We have found that unless you are booked for a "Outfitted Fully Guided Hunt" you should plan on renting an SUV at the airport so you'll have transportation to camp and around your hunt area.



"Drop Camp" Hunts ($1895 / Hunter +Tax) * This package is our minimum package which allows your hunt application to be processed in the “outfitter pool” and the increased odds of drawing a tag. State law requires that we provide you at least 2 days of service in the actual unit of your hunt. This is a very flexible package in that you may choose in what capacity you take your 2 included days. For example you may opt for two days of guiding, or one day of guiding and another day to pack out your kill, or a day to assemble your camp and a day to teardown, etc. We will tailor this hunt to fit your needs. If you are in need of camp gear and equipment we can provide this as well, at an additional cost. (Remote camps requiring horse pack-in will have additional fees based on distance, camp duration, party size etc.) Our " Drop Camp" hunts are a favorite with our independent minded, do it yourself type hunters who want a quality camp setup in a good area but don't want to waste good hunting days in transporting a camp, finding a site, and setting it up. You'll arrive to a fully equipped camp; tents and shelter, bedding, water, firewood (or heating / cooking gas), lighting, cook stove, utensils, and all camp gear. Our tents are heated with wood stoves and a camp shower and latrine facilities are provided. (Pre-cooked frozen meals, and groceries can also be provided for an additional fee.) You are required only to bring your own food, drinks, personal clothing and hunting gear. Many of our hunters bring their own sleeping bag, but it’s not required if you’re traveling light. We provide clean warm bedding. Hunters who are driving in sometimes bring 4-wheelers which help in getting you around on the forest roads. Some hunters bring freezers or insulated boxes to transport their meat home. The main difference between these drop camps and our "Outfitted" camps is that these camps are attended by our staff for only two days; One day upfront for move-in and orientation and one day at the end for pack-out and move-out , You're on your own for your hunt, and you will do your own meal preparation. The equipment and accommodations are of the same high quality as our attended camps. These camps are economically priced and are available for a broader selection of hunt areas than our "Outfitted" packages. Often a group wishing to apply for a hunt unit we're not especially active in will select this hunt package to have their camp in the unit they want. Feel free to call me to discuss a custom tailored drop camp package, and for availability in your desired unit. Your license application will be processed in the outfitter pool thus improving your odds of being drawn..





"Scouting Only" Hunts $450 / hunter  (additional hunters on the same application pay 1/2 price )
This is the hunt for the truly independent minded, do it yourself, "coyote camper". This service is available for most hunting units in the state. (This service is not available for the hunts listed on our "Choosing a Hunt" page. ) This service includes the following:   


We'll provide you general habitat, trophy, geographical data, and drawing statistics on the various hunting units and hunt options so you can select a hunt that fits your schedule and trophy goals.

Upon selection of a unit, submit your application to the NM Department of Game and Fish. Note: You must submit applications for "Scouting Only" in the regular (non-guided) pool. In other words this package does not qualify you for entry in the outfitter pool for purposes of the license drawing. This is a change from my previous procedures in prior years so be sure you are aware of and understand this distinction. All of our "Outfitted" and "Drop Camp" packages (in approved units) qualify you for application in the outfitter pool. Scouting Only hunts do not. When you apply for a "Scouting Only" Hunt, be sure you respond "No" when asked "Is this a guided hunt?" during the application process.

If you are successful in drawing a tag, we will physically scout your hunt unit as close as feasible to your season and provide you up-to-date scouting information for your unit. This will include forage condition, water distribution, roads, photographs, any animal sightings, trophy quality, suggested camp sites, local facilities, emergency contacts, suppliers, etc.

Includes applicable large scale Forest Service, or BLM map(s) for the area (Usually 1:100,00 scale)

Includes up to three, full size, 7.5 minute topographical maps for promising areas. We'll provide you our suggested hunt strategies, with GPS coordinates and maps of good waterholes, feeding areas, campsites, etc.

We'll email you map segments and photographs well before you hunt so you can start to plan your hunt. In some cases aerial photographs will be available for your study.

We'll provide detailed driving instructions and road maps to your area. We'll suggest appropriate airports and car rental instruction if you will be arriving by air.

You are eligible for camp gear rental, horse tack rental, camp supplies , and many other additional services you may request.

(NM Sales tax 7% is applicable to all hunt purchases)


Oryx Hunts

Oryx hunts are conducted on the White Sands Missile Range, and are always for two days only. We will accommodate you in off-range lodging, feed you, guide you, and help you with your kill. Our price for the two day Oryx hunt is $2500/ hunter. These are superb hunts and we experience nearly 100% kill success. These are once-in-a-lifetime (state law) hunts, but the reward is a spectacular trophy and the best game meat you've ever eaten.

Turkey Hunts

Our spring Merriam turkey hunts are conducted from the same comfortable type camps as our elk and deer hunts. They are all-inclusive in terms of your accommodations, food, camp support , etc. Camps will be placed in pre-scouted, premium areas and we will direct you to promising areas and/or roosts. You are self-guided on your hunt. This pricing is based on a 5 day hunt period, but extra days can be purchased on an as-needed basis. You will provide your own calls, blinds, decoys,etc.

Turkey Hunt $2295/ Hunter (+tax)

(NM Sales tax 7% is applicable to all hunt purchases)



Miscellaneous Fees

  • Additional Days in "Outfitted Camp" $160/ day (Non-guided day)

  • Non-Hunter Companion $500/ 5 days

  • Additional Days in "Outfitted Camp" $380/ day (Guided day)

  • Additional Days in "Drop Camp" $60/ day

(NM Sales Tax (7%) is applicable to all hunt purchases)

We have rentals of horses, tack, camp equipment, and other hunting accessories available for some areas. Please call me for availability and a rate quotation.

Typical License Fees For Non-Residents of New Mexico

  • Game Hunting License (required on all hunts) $65

  • Bull Elk in "Standard" unit $548

  • Bull Elk in "Quality or High Demand" unit $773

  • Mule Deer in "Standard" unit $283

  • Mule Deer in "Quality or High Demand" unit $368

  • Black Bear $260

  • Oryx $1623

  • Turkey $100 (Spring Hunt includes two tags)

I am always available to discuss a hunt with you so feel free to email me or call me at either of the numbers below to get started planning your hunt. Evenings and weekends are fine as well.


 John Jaquez
San Juan River Outfitters and Livery Co.
#200 Rd. 4599
Blanco,NM 87412
575-621-6158 (mobile)